More “Tea Party” Hijinks in Broward Races


Much has been written about the “Tea Party Miami endorsement” of Louis Granteed, Democrat candidate for Broward Sheriff. Bob Norman and Buddy Nevins have written about “Tea Party Miami” ties to famous agent provocateur Roger Stone.

A new press release is hitting inboxes all over Broward with “Tea Party Miami” endorsements in Broward judicial races. Our truth detectors give this four salamis. It looks like someone is trying to cash in on the chaos. Why did Tea Party Miami omit Julio Gonzalez. He is a huge favorite of a genuine group, Tea Party Fort Lauderdale. Gonzalez got the group’s highest rating.

It appears this email is targeted to Broward Democrats in the hopes they will vote against anyone endorsed by a tea party group.

Note the mention of the Broward chapter of the Women’s Political Caucus. No one in the tea party knows/cares about this group.

Plus we all know the Tea Party loves Mango huntress Ilene Lieberman (D-Meow).

Here’s the email:

“We reiterate our support for Louie Granteed in the Democratic Primary for Sheriff in Broward County. Those who believe there are no registered democrats in the Tea Party are wrong.

We understand politics. We understand his need to distance himself from the Tea Party until after the Democratic Primary. Yet one of his campaign operatives told us he wants our support in November.

Our board voted 13-2 to recommend Louie Granteed after having received his three campaign mailings indicating he was “tough on crime”. We think he would be tougher on
crime and criminals than Republican Sheriff Al Lamberti.

If Mr. Granteed is for “diversity” why did not even seek the support of the Broward Chapter of the Women’s Political Caucus ? Granteed has the guts to stand up to these liberals who care more about
criminal rights than victims. Vicious gangs and gang violence are on the rise in Broward. We need our own Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

We are confident Mr. Granteed is a real law and order conservative and we urge our Broward members to support Louie Granteed.

For Democrats in Broward Tea Party Miami also recommend Katie Edwards for State House in District 98 Robin Berhman in State House in District 104 , Dale Ross for Circuit Judge, Bob Nichols for Circuit Judge, Katie McHugh for County Judge.

For Republicans in Broward, Tea Party Miami also recommends former Florida House Majority Leader Adam Hasner for Congress in the 22nd district and Karen Harrington for Congress in the 23rd district and Mike Lameyer for State Senate District 34.”


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Is this like the game Where’s Waldo? Can we call this where’s Julio? As in where in this press release is Julio not mentioned. How could the Tea Party Miami forget to reccomend a good hispanic Former Judge Like Julio Gonzalez? I mean he did have the highest percentage of the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party Straw Poll, didnt he?


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