Ilene Lieberman Slams Missing Millionaire Wife On Fox News, While Miami Herald Backs Her Opponent

Ilene Lieberman got some face time on FOX NEWS today bashing the missing millionaire’s wife in court last week. Lieberman, Broward’s mango expert, repesents Guma Aguiar’s mother Ellen. Lieberman’s  face off against Broward legal eagle Bill Scherer reminds us of the time Fredric March tangled with Spencer Tracy. But the players in this case will surely inherit more than the wind.

Lieberman’s big media debut was overshadowed by the Miami Herald’s endorsement of her opponent Katherine “Katie” McHugh. In a shocking turn of events, the Herald recognized McHugh as the only experienced lawyer in the race.

“Ms. Lieberman began her political career on the Lauderhill Council in 1984. A former mayor of Broward County, she has been on the county commission since 1996. Over the years, she has held a number of other elected and non-elected positions. This would be her first experience on the bench, however, and, at 68, she would be limited to one term because of her age.

Ms. McHugh enjoys a more impressive legal résumé covering 18 years of trial work, including service as a public defender from 1995 to 1998 and 100 jury trials. Her current practice includes business and commercial litigation. She is also a juvenile dependency attorney representing indigent parents charged with violations by the Department of Children and Families.

Ms. McHugh’s courtroom experience gives her the edge in this race. She says serving on the bench in county court, where defendants often have their first brush with the law, presents an opportunity ‘to help people before they get into real trouble.’

For Broward County Court Judge Group 6, The Miami Herald recommends KATIE MCHUGH.”

Perhap Judy Stern, Lieberman’s political guru, should bring salami sandwiches to the Sun-Sentinel editorial board meeting

1 thought on “Ilene Lieberman Slams Missing Millionaire Wife On Fox News, While Miami Herald Backs Her Opponent

  1. Independent

    Lieberman is 65 according to the link to the Miami Herald. I didn’t know she was that close to mandatory retirement.

    Since she could still only serve 1 term she wouldn’t have to face voters again. Gives her lots of freedom to do pretty much what she wants. I don’t think I like that.

    I would prefer a younger more experienced person to be a judge, that has judicial temperament. One that would be able to stick around awhile and become seasoned. She might even have a chance to move up to the Appellate Bench someday.

    McHugh is an obvious choice. The Herald has it right and I hope the Sun-Sentinel does too.



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