At Tuesday’s Broward County Commission meeting, Democrats John Rodstrom and Stacy Ritter openly mocked U.S. policy towards Cuba. Bonnie Prince Commissioner Rodstrom called the Cuban embargo a “failure” and suggested a better option would be to “infiltrate” the island nation. Rodstrom admitted his knowledge of the issue comes from watching CNBC.

Stacy Ritter, a fan favorite of freebie-seeking seniors over the age of 90, wondered why the USA can trade with Vietnam and not Cuba. Ms. Ritter obviously spends more time driving around in golf carts than studying local history.

Commissioner Chip LaMarca slapped down her silly comments but recounting the plight of his wife’s family and their escape from Cuba. LaMarca stated his wife’s family left Cuba with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They left thriving businesses and family heirlooms in Cuba; They were forced to start all over again and their success helped build south Florida’s economy. LaMarca said one should appreciate this great sacrifice of local constituents before they talk about Vietnam.

Ms. Ritter, while not cutting a rug in local dance competitions, is running for re-election in November. She will square off against Robert Sutton, a teacher and local businessman. (No information on whether he’s a good dancer).