Jerry Fadgen Ready To Get Back To Work In Plantation


Jerry Fadgen is filing paperwork to get back on the Plantation City Council. He will challenge Dr Bob Levy (D-Two Jobs/Free City Labor)

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Boooooo! Can we please have a third choice! ??? Maybe my doggy “King Bandit Bott” ! =D Bandit is sweet and lovable, friendly and kind and honest. Bandit is a black and white “teacup” Imperial Ace Shihtzu, Bandit loves children, naps, “rub-downs”, police officers AND firefighters! , is a resident of the City of Plantation, loves the City of Plantation, the “Happy Tails Dog Park”, does not need Health Insurance or a Pension, loves to take baths and be well-groomed, accepts petting and Chicken Kitchen ! He’s perfect for the job. πŸ™‚ (Vote here if you LIKE Bandit Bott as your candidate.)
    Campaign Manager: Susanna Bott, 7281 NW 6 Court, Plantation, Florida, 33317
    Friend Bandit on FaceBook @ “King Bandit Bott”


  2. >>> One golf game does not render a vote for you Jerry *** and I never heard another word from you only from your wife *** you’re going to have to do better and be more compelling. Please realize some of us are not nearly as stupid as you would like to think. <<< and, uhmmmmm … please turn your fence boards around to meet Code. <<< Thanks & Have a nice weekend.


      1. I think everyone should follow the rules *** why does Jerry have his fence up the way he does? BECAUSE he CAN? >>> this is in bad form: a public official should be an example and a role model. The City of Plantation needs strong leadership, and in my opinion, Jerry is too wishy-washy for the job *** his time has come & went. Who are you Red Broward? =D


  3. Hello, do you write MY LIST, too? I am a lovely list writer too. πŸ™‚
    First and foremost: “special favors” for elected officials simply will not fly anymore!!! … and looking the other way or being intimidated by your neighbor because they are an elected officially and can pretty much do whatever they want is wrong. It is wrong on so many levels **** come on man!!! Let’s regroup, Jerry knew darn well what he did when he installed his fence, make it right. You know what is write, it is written down very clearly and if an inspector passed his fence this way, this always falls in the category of YOUR first priority: Corruption.
    Second, I am happy to learn you have these first two priorities on full-watch. I now know your priority is a method of “top down” approach (and as you expressed on behalf of RED BROWARD it seems many others clearly have the “top down” approach method, fully aware and addressing these top 2 priorities being: Corruption; and Incompetence >>> great!
    Third, I am Susanna Bott, I have lived in the City for 16+ years, committed, dedicated, involved, love the City of Plantation! I will work the other end of the spectrum the one you’ve deemed “a waste” and a bottom of the list like a fence, will be my first priority. Yes, “bottom up” priorities as you have listed and categorized a fence issue for starters is a fabulous! place to start; albeit an important and often easily rectified Code violation; it is what it is, and Councilman Fadgen instructed it to be installed that way, who’s wrong here? Hmmmmm : let’s start there … and knowing you’re working on #1 and #2; I’ll go with #3 and focus my efforts on issues to build my platform and my MO with a “clean-up strategy”, a way for the City to also make money in fines which have gone by the way side for far too long; add a strong dedication to building my City’s character and beauty and charm, I, Susanna Bott will work to develop my Campaign platform. The City residents deserve Code Enforcement’s responsibilities to be elevated to one of COMPLIANCE in order to maintain our beautiful city and attract people to a) STAY in Plantation because of our outstanding customer service services! and to b) ATTRACT new homeowners to our wonderful City! Where the “Grass is Greener!” and we have a lot to offer, just a little dusting off, and tweaking here and there to repair simple things to enhance our own homes, our moods, our commitment to excellence as a COMMUNITY! All pluses and a WIN-WIN for everyone!
    Those who need to make safety issue repairs, fix broken items, a bank foreclosure getting them to maintain a standard of upkeep on a lawn, etc. Good common sense and team work to make things happen for the better is a big priority, too. I, for one, will request a book on Code Enforcement and together we can canvas the City’s neighborhoods for violations which leads to repair work, and collections on fines should be heartily pursued and enforced, this can only help the City’s budget and bottom line! We have a lot to do in Plantation and these uncollected fines can help add to some financial progress!, along with all the aesthetic benefits! Otherwise, why bother having Code Enforcement? If it is a free for all *** a demise and deterioration is inevitable, NOBODY WANTS THAT!!! πŸ™‚ It is an integral part of City government to help the citizens be safe! and keep property values up. Plus it is good for your mind, and your soul to live in a beautiful place – where your neighbors and you are raising the bar for excellence. We have laws in place governing, let’s get them working FOR our City and FOR our residents. We have so much to offer in Plantation, let’s help everyone recover from the housing crisis and rebuild together to make it all work in tandem **** beauty AND function!!! πŸ™‚ and jobs for people! πŸ™‚ and one day we’ll drive through any street in Plantation and be proud on any and every street, have the love come back to the City of Plantation, where we live, and many families grew up, and continue to want and do raise their kids here. It’s a chance to be proud of all 22 miles of Plantation *** where lots of sweet and wonderful people call home! *** Let’s do it like we do from the perspective of a “SPRING CLEANING”!!! With JOY in our hears, Refreshed, and FAMILY helping on projects planting new spring flowers in the flower beds, and participating in the TREES IN OUR SWALES, RESTORING and REPAIRING of the things which have gone unattended for whatever reason, a REBIRTH of HOME. BEAUTIFYING, PAINTING, LOVING and LIVING ALL OUR DAYS IN THE LOVELIEST CITY IN BROWARD! πŸ™‚ These are my goals. I have a little company I started, called, llc & the overall goal of the company is “365 days of happythings” be them inspiration quotes, ideas, music, events in and around the City and County, ideas for being kind to yourself and to others; healing; loving; being alive! has a little medallian @ the Plantation Woods Park at the Community Center on Palm Road ~~~ I hope you can visit it there, all of the medallions are awesome pieces of art and more of the signature and commitment the City of Plantation makes to encourage and celebrates the Arts. We have the most unique and fabulous parks!!! I try every day to do a “happything” for at least one-someone, and it’s a great way to live every day. It’s always a pleasure, it’s always a surprise, and it’s always going to be part of my days God blesses me by being here. I hope those of you with similar goals, will support me in a long time aspiration to be a voice on Plantation’s City Council, please contact me with your level of interest so we may determine if we have the kind of interest and need for a third candidate I would love to bring a different perspective and be your candidate for the Plantation City Council Election in March 2013 for Group 5 *** together we can make it happen! πŸ™‚
    Susanna Bott,
    Contact me @:


    1. Tortoise helps friend who’s flipped over.

      “it’s better to be a slow buddy, than to be a no buddy at all.” Michael Bolton – “Lean on me.”


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