Broward Teachers Union Sent $81,000 Worth Of Teacher Dues To Florida Democratic Party

Davie vice mayor Caryl Hattan

According to records on file at the Florida Division of Elections, since 2009 the Broward Teachers Union (BTU) has funneled $81, 000 to the Florida Democratic Party in Tallahassee. The BTU formed six(?) political committees: BTU-Committee on Political Education, BTU-Local, BTU-Universal, BTU-ESP, Global CCE and BTU-ECO. All of the committees, except the BTU-ECO, made multiple contributions the Florida Democratic Party.

All of the committees were based at the BTU headquarters in Tamarac. Davie Vice Mayor Caryl Hattan is listed as chairperson for the committees that made the hefty contributions. Disgraced former BTU honcho Pat Santeramo is listed as treasurer and registered agent. Santeramo is the chairperson for the BTU-ECO.

Records indicate these committees contributed $2,500.00 to Ms. Hattan’s politcial campaign in 2009. The committees gave generously to  Alex Sink and other Democrats across Florida. Reports say Ms. Hattan and others may have been reimbursed by the BTU for contributions to Ms. Sink’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010. This would be a clear violation of campaign laws.

The BTU committees gave contributions to Broward School Board candidates as well including Nora Rupert, Patricia Good, Laurie Levinson, Dave Thomas and Phyllis Hope. Other local recipients include Martin Kiar, Bryan Caletka, Nan Rich, Evan Jenne, Lisa Porter, Angelo Castillo, Steve Geller, and Frank Ortis. No need to consult Mitch Ceasar’s list, they are all Democrats.

Contributions to these committees are comprised of member dues paid by Broward county teachers. Dues are about $1 per teacher. What are the odds that every Broward teacher paying these dues are Democrats? Shouldn’t these dues stay right here in Broward county? Caryl and Pat were sending $500 checks to candidates in Tallahassee, Sanford, New Port Richey, Tampa, Jacksonville, Hudson, West Palm Beach and Gainesville.

Should money out of the pockets of Broward’s underpaid teachers end up funding campaigns in Hudson, Florida?

Here is the list of Contributions to the Florida Democratic Party:

BTU-Political Education

9/15/2009     $5000

3/03/2010     $5000

8/06/2010     $5000

8/27/2010     $1000


9/15/2009     $5000

8/06/2010     $5000

8/27/2010     $2000

6/02/2011     $1000


9/15/2009     $5000

03/03/2010   $5000

08/06/2010   $5000

08/12/2010    $2000

08/27/2010    $1000


3/03/2010     $10,000

8/06/2010     $5,000

08/12/2010    $3,000

Global CCE:

3/03/2010     $5000

8/06/2010     $5000

8/12/2010     $5000

8/27/2010     $1000

Published by Tom Lauder

Covering South Florida Politics Since 2010...As Seen On: POLITICO, The Huffington Post, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, The Miami Herald, WPLG LOCAL 10 (ABC MIAMI), The New Times

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  1. “In Russia, it is a common saying that every people deserve the government they choose.”
    ~Vladimir Viardo
    What can you say about these decisions to spend money to fund other communities? I say, “… Stupid, Stupid, Stupid”….which is a quote from someone famous, I’m sure, but it bears repeating.


  2. Good article and the teachers who are members of the union should be outraged at what their dues are being used for instead of going into say pension accounts.


  3. see the video ( GM Handicap kids ) on
    see the racist CEO mike jackson on little debbie webb page autonation
    see ( when car dealers attack obama 2012 ) on youtube,com


  4. I understand BTU Vice President Bernie Schultz has pled guilty to a lesser charge than the felony campaign fraud that she is guilty of if she testifies against Santaremo. Yet she still remains in office, go figure.


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