MEDDOFF RESPONDS: Blames Plantation Priest???

While Warren Meddoff has failed to respond to our email request for comment, he has chimed in on a Facebook page:

“The Archbishop said what he said in writing to me. If the Archbishop feels I construed something he said improperly, let him say so and I will change it. Msgr Fogarty of the St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church was repeatedly requested in writing and on the phone to meet and discuss the Archbishop’s letter PRIOR to the signage, he chose to ignore the request. If the Archdiocese has a problem, they need to talk to their highest representative in the City of Plantation.”

Mr. Meddoff, Drop us a line. We can give you the Archdiocese phone number. Or just wait, they told us they have your number.

Blames local priest?

3 thoughts on “MEDDOFF RESPONDS: Blames Plantation Priest???

  1. Warren Meddoff

    I wrote the Archbishop a letter. He responded personally with the letter in your possession. The following was sent on Friday, January 27, 2011:

    Personal Communication from the Most Rev. Thomas Wenski
    From: Warren Meddoff View Contact


    Msgr. Fogarty:

    I have today, received a letter from his Eminence, Archbishop Wenski, regarding my long-term relationship with the Church and my efforts to combat the forces of evil and enemies of the Church within Plantation. The Archbishop has instructed me to utilize the document he has sent me and the reflections “Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship” of the US Bishops to guide me in my task.

    I need to meet with you privately, at your earliest convenience, to discuss how you may assist in my mission, as blessed by the Archbishop. May the Lord Bless and keep you and may his countenance shine upon you and your parish.

    His humble servant,

    Warren Meddoff


    1. RED BROWARD Post author

      Mr Meddoff, what exactly is your mission? Where exactly does Archbishop Wenski say to use his name on your signs? It appears as though the quote you attribute to Wenski is actually a quote of your words. Is that correct? Thanks


  2. The outlaw Jossey Wales

    Why don’t you get Rabbi Harr to support you and leave Jerry Fadgen’s Church alone? It your self promotion really that important that you have embarrass Plantation on a county wide level Mr Meddoff?



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