Congressman Allen West’s Historic First Town Hall

Deerfield Beach, FL—Debuting in his first Town Hall, amidst a crowd of approximately 350 constituents at the South Florida Bible College, Congressman Allen West did not disappoint.

Congressman West requested everyone in the audience from District 22 stand up; Then, he asked everyone that voted for him to take a seat. The few still standing were invited to ask the first questions of the night. (This was a far cry from Debbie Wasserman-Shultz’s District 20 last Town Hall filled with paid SEIU members in the first rows, and much opposition left to sit outside.)

Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland stated, “this is the first time a Congressman has come and asked to see the mayor.” Further, Noland said, “this was the first time a Congressman has participated in a Martin Luther King parade.” Noland was impressed with West’s commitment and involvement with the community.

It was apparent a new, steadfast Congressman was in town, ready to take on Congress, take action, and listen to the people. West pulled out his Congressional voting card and stated that “this belongs to you,” referring to the people of District 22.

Mayor Noland

Congressman West gave a thorough Power Point presentation focusing on the current debt growing under the Obama administration. West stated, “we cannot continue on this current path.” He reviewed current legislation in Congress regarding the debt ceiling, balanced budget, and lowering of the corporate tax rate.

West requested that the media stop with the current manipulation of the Tea Party Movement. He commented that the movement continues to be a grass roots effort for effective and efficient government with free market solutions.

Of great significance to South Florida, West addressed the Panama Canal expansion; He declared that the we cannot “lose control of the Sea Lanes of Commerce”. Especially regarding the two ports in District 22 . Ports which need to expand to compete with deep-water ports in Georgia.

Felicia E. Anderson is a RED BROWARD contributor.

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