Obama’s Broward Field Director Likes Pie

BarackObama.com posted the following interview with Meaghan Hardy. Ms Hardy is the new Regional Field Director in Broward for the Obama campaign. Enjoy. “We’re excited to have Meaghan join the campaign in Broward County as a Regional Field Director. This morning we sat down with her for a quick Q & A. What’s the best […]

Dean Cannon Endores Rick Perry For President

Speaker of FL House of Representatives Dean Cannon (R-Winter Park) has endorsed Governor Rick Perry for President. Cannon released the following: “President Obama’s big-government, Washington experiment has cost our nation more than 2.3 million jobs Meanwhile, since just June 2009, Rick Perry’s Texas is responsible for approximately 40% of the net new jobs in America.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry Jumps Into Presidential Race

Rick Perry makes it official; He wants to be President of the United States. From the AP: “Perry says America isn’t broken but the government in the nation’s capital is. He says he wants to cut taxes and free businesses from the shackles of regulation to spark an economic recovery. The governor is blaming President […]