Miami Herald Poll: Romney Up 51-44 In Florida; Obama Lead In South FL Drops

Brand new Miami Herald poll is bad news for Barack Obama and Broward Democrats. Mitt Romney leads Obama 51-44%. “Obama is now winning just one of the state’s five regions, liberal Southeast Florida. But he once led by 21 points here — now it’s down to 12 percentage points.

Old and young voters didn’t move very much. But middle-aged voters — the bulk of the Florida electorate — shifted almost 12 points in Romney’s favor.

Romney even started to gain more support from Hispanic voters, who moved 11 points in Romney’s favor.

The majority of the electorate, non-Hispanic white voters, were always in Romney’s corner. Now they’re even more solidly behind the Republican, backing him 61-34 percent over Obama.”

The poll sampled likely voters across Florida. 44% Democrat, 40% Republican and 16% Independent.

Somewhere Mitch Ceasar(D-Comedian) is weeping.

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Broward GOP “On Fire”, Working Weekends For Romney and Local Republicans

Mitt Romney and Broward Republican Chairman Richard DeNapoli

Local Republicans are working hard this Saturday for Mitt Romney, Connie Mack and local GOP favorites. Early this morning the Broward Republican headquarters filled with volunteers stuffing mailers into envelopes and making phone calls. Broward Republican chairman Richard DeNapoli emailed thousands of activists and flooded social media with a call to action. Over at Broward Beat, Buddy Nevins wrote how the Republicans are eclipsing the Broward Democrats under the lackluster leadership of Mitch Cesar (D-Comedian):

“The question will be if the Obama ground operation here — an operation that has remained largely invisible to this voter so far — can produce the big turnout that Democrats need.

Local Democratic activists candidly say they doubt whether Broward can deliver. The excitement is gone and the local party is divided.

Meanwhile, Broward Republicans are on fire.”

In addition to the GOP HQ, volunteers are working at the Romney offices in Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs.