Presidential Candidate Asks Roger Stone To Be Running Mate

Earlier this month, a Presidential candidate asked best selling author Roger Stone to be their running mate.  No, it wasn’t Donald Trump.  Souraya Faas, an independent candidate, asked Stone to join her ticket. The request came during the Q&A session at the Weston Republican Club. Mr. Stone was discussing his book, The Clintons War On […]

Roger Stone Talks Donald Trump & “Lyin'” Ted Cruz

On Tuesday evening, best selling author Roger Stone (The Clintons’ War On Women) spoke to a packed meeting of the Weston Republican Club. Stone discussed Donald Trump and the origin of Sen. Ted Cruz’ nickname, “Lyin'” Ted Cruz.

Investigation Documents Chip LaMarca’s Threats and Intimidation Of Broward Health Employees

An investigation by the Berger Singerman law firm discovered a pattern of threats and intimidation directed by Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca at Broward Health employees. Berger Singerman was hired by the Broward Health commissioners to monitor the Inspector General of Florida investigation into claims of corruption involving contract procurement at the North Broward Hospital District. […]