White House Does GOP A Favor, Releases OBAMA Birth Certificate

The White House has released a copy of President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Hopefully, this will put the “birther” issue to rest once and for all.

More Video Of Air America/Democrat Protest at Allen West Town Hall

More video of Air America host Nicole Sandler’s disruptive behavior at Congressman Allen West town hall. Published reports say Sandler was arrested. Video posted on YouTube by Conservative21.com

Broward DEMOCRAT Area Leader & Air America Host Disrupt Allen West Town Hall, Arrest Made.(VIDEO)

The latest staged protest at a Congressman Allen West town hall has lead to an arrest. RED BROWARD has been reporting on the coordinated efforts by Democrats to stage protests at West events in the hopes of getting video for attack ads. Last month, it was CAIR representatives trailing the Congressman. Tonight, a former Air […]