Bonfire Of The Inanities: Broward Democrats Don Blacktie As The “1%” Parties The Night Away

Despite the economic struggles of most south Floridians, on Saturday night Broward Democrats hosted a Blacktie gala for Broward’s ruling glass. The affair was held at the Marriott Heron Bay in Parkland. Some came by limousine, but most took advantage of the free parking. If you wanted to have fun last night it helped if […]

Rebuild The Dream? Van Jones Wants To Teach Leftist Revolution In Your Living Rooms

Van Jones, communist and former Obama Green Jobs czar, wants to bring the Arab Spring to your hometown. Rebuild The Dream, Jones’ AstroTurf tea party wannabe group, wants to duplicate the Arab revolutions and repeat the public-pooping fun of the dirty Occupy Wall Street gatherings. Maybe they will hold screenings of Professor Derrick Bell’s Space […]

Message From “Da Mayor” To Scott Brook And Other Broward Democrats

Will the last Broward Democrat that took something from the Chaits please turn off the lights?