Clueless Perry Thurston Campaigning For Wrong Office

  Once again, Democrat Perry Thurston shows why he runs the worst political campaigns in Broward. First, REDBROWARD detailed Thurston’s violation of the Florida Constitution by living outside his Florida House District. His campaigns are repeatedly audited by the Florida Division of Elections. Last year, REDBROWARD exposed how Thurston paid family members with campaign funds. We thought we had seen it all from the Thurston campaign.

We were wrong.

This week, Thurston emailed invitations for a baseball themed fundraiser at a local Elks Lodge.  The “Thurston AAA Baseball Tournamet Kick Off Reception” is set for Thursday April 14 at 6PM. The email was paid for and approved by the Perry E. Thurston, Jr. Democrat for Attorney General campaign.

Just one problem: Perry Thurston is not running for Attorney General. He ran for that office in 2014. He lost badly.

He’s currently seeking the Florida State Senate District 33 seat. 


Did Abby Freedman Ever Vote For Broward School Board District 4?

At Last Monday’s Broward Republican meeting, Abby Freedman was touting her involvement in Broward Schools as a reason the Tea Party should back her in the Broward School Board District 4 race. District 4 has been home to some of the most colorful school board races in Broward county. Stephanie Kraft, who held the seat for years, last ran in 2006. Dave Thomas won a hotly contested race to replace Kraft in 2010. Thomas’ abrupt resignation brought about this year’s race.

District 4 voters may want to know who Freedman voted for in 2010, right?

Well, according to a prominent voter database, Abby Freedman did not vote in 2010.

The same database says Abby Freedman did not vote in 2006.

However, it does show Abby Freedman cast an early vote in 2012.

Was Abby Freedman’s first vote in a Broward School Board race for herself?

Say it ain’t so, Abby!


Prominent School Board Activist Endorses Ladanowski In District 4 Race

Charlotte Greenbarg, a prominent school board activist, is endorsing Andrew Ladanowski in the Broward County School Board District 4 race. The election will be held on August 14, 2012, but Broward residents can vote early starting this Saturday.

The well respected Greenbarg is known in government and media circles for being a vocal watchdog fighting waste and corruption in Broward county.

Ladanowski is running against Abby Freedman, Shelly Solomon, Bob Mayersohn and Stacy Ritter’s “favorite” candidate Nick Steffens.

Here is Ms. Greenbarg’s email:

“I’m Charlotte Greenbarg and I’m asking you to join me in support of Andrew Ladanowski for Broward School Board District 4 on August 14, with early voting beginning August 5.

I’ve been a vocal advocate for ethics reform and accountability in education and government in general since I moved to Florida with my family in 1969, and to Broward in 1993.

It’s a pleasure to be able to support a candidate who has all of the attributes one would expect in a School Board member; experience, integrity and energy.
Andrew is a successful businessman whose integrity is essential as he works in the medical records field, one that requires strict confidentiality. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Andrew is Chair of the school district’s Facilities Task Force. He and a colleague went to a bus depot at 5 a.m. to see firsthand what procedures were. They discovered that the department employees weren’t using available technology, and that millions could be saved. This was validated by Sup’t. Runcie shortly thereafter.

Andrew has volunteered in the classroom, assisting in his son’s math class, and was appointed to the Advisory Board at Coral Springs Charter School by the Coral Springs City Commission.

Andrew organized a yearly community clean-up which was recognized by Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold.

Andrew will be a valuable addition to the School Board as the district strives to establish trust and credibility in the electorate.

Thank you so much for considering my request.”