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Ann Murray Attends Broward School Board Diversity Meeting

Disgraced School Board Member Ann Murray attended last night’s School Board Diversity Committee meeting. The meeting, held at the African American Research Library, promised to be a fun-filled affair for Murray. The Committee investigated the deplorable conditions at Hallandale High School. The investigations revealed “strange odors”, dilapidated buildings and non-functioning educational equipment.  Murray claimed she had fought for “millions” for Hallandale High; a claim also made by Valerie Wanza, Broward Schools South Area director. Wanza’s boss, South Area Superintendent Joel Herbst is an Ann Murray favorite.

Rumors swirled that the committee would make a motion calling for Ann Murray’s resignation. The motion was not made. Sources say Murray appeared nervous throughout the media, clinging to her aide’s side. Following the meeting, Murray was escorted too her vehicle. Why was Ann so afraid?

Rumor Central: Is A Cooper City Official Eyeing FL House Seat 97?

Tipsters tell RED BROWARD A Cooper City Official is thinking about running for the Florida House of Representatives Seat 97. The seat is currently held by Martin Kiar. Mr. Kiar is running for Nan Rich’s old Senate seat.

Anyone know if Nan Rich and School Board member Laurie Levinson (D-Nan Rich) have ties to Cooper City?

BREC committewoman Lynn Simon has previously announced she will be running for FL House seat 97.

Laurie Rich Levinson

Here’s a link to a story about Copper City:


Broward School Board Whistlebower Is A Real Hero

Shame on you if you’ve never heard of Michael Marchetti. He is one of the few people to stand up to the Broward County School Board. He works for the Broward School District. The Grand Jury report says a School Board Member’s campaign consultant threatened to have Marchetti and his wife fired and/or arrested. ( Newspaper reports claim Ann Murray may be involved). Yesterday, he let the Board have it.