Broward County School Superintendent To Sun-Sentinel: Boo-Hoo!

Jim Notter, Broward Schools Superintendent, talks to the Sun-Sentinel. You’ll find the usual excuses and Pat Santeramo-bashing. Get this, he blames the public for jumping to conclusions about corruption. “How do you think the district has been affected by the upheaval of the last two years? The arrest of two board members, the sentencing of […]

The Frantic Foursome: Defending Status Quo At Broward County School Board

Meet the FRANTIC FOURSOME. According to the DAILY PULP, these four jumped into action when Tallahassee was ready to establish an oversight committee for the School Board of Broward County. First, Broward School Board Member Laurie Rich Levinson (D-Weston). She has powerful family ties. (see below). Her husband, Neil Levinson, specializes in public school construction. […]