Broward Democrat Joe Eggelletion To Be Released From Prison In February. Hooray?

Broward Democrat Joe Eggelletion, former Broward County Commissioner and prison barber, is due to be released from prison next month. Perhaps Judy Stern will introduce him to Chris Mancini? Maybe the members of “The Right Group” will throw Joe Egg a coming home celebration? Maybe the Chaits will show him those beautiful homes they built […]

Broward County Commission Powerless Against Jazz Hands and Sing-A-Longs (VIDEO)

The Broward County Commission shot down County Administrator Bertha Henry’s free speech ordinance. Ms. Henry told the packed Commission meeting that she didn’t want to limit free speech; She said they just wanted to know who was protesting. A surly Ilene Lieberman tried to impress the audience with her award-winning knowledge of Constitutional law. Lieberman […]