Who is The Queen Of Broward?


Overlooked in Sun Sentinel story about Tamarac corruption was this quote from a top prosecutor in Mike Satz’s office:

“Tim Donnelly, the prosecutor in charge of the state’s corruption investigations, said that it’s sometimes necessary to subpoena potential witnesses and give them immunity.

‘Because, as a prosecutor you are always pursuing the most culpable criminal but you have to have witnesses and evidence in order to convict. Without them, you have no case,’ Donnelly said. ‘I think the higher good is to get Lady Macbeth, rather than throw some spineless lackey in jail.’ ”

Perhaps we’re reading too much into it, but notice he said Queen. He didn’t refer to a King, or Capone or Boss Tweed. Donnelly used a female reference. Is there a Queen at the heart of Broward’s corruption?

Oliphant To Broward School Board: “I was targeted. This is the worst act of racism”

Miriam Oliphant may have gotten the boot on Tuesday, but she’s not going away quietly. Oliphant told the Broward School Board:

“I was targeted. This is the worst act of racism”

Hello, Ann Murray! Oliphant brought her lawyer, Karen Amlong, with her to the meeting. Both hinted at a lawsuit. Lawsuits are free, right? No cost to taxpayers, right?

Wonder if Karen Amlong will tell a jury the Broward School Board doles out written reprimands to bus supervisors for spewing racial slurs?

SEIU Audience Plants From Allen West Event Unmasked at Debbie Wasserman Schultz Event!

On Tuesday evening, Congressman Allen West held a town hall at Coral Springs high school. In addition to the usual CAIR rabble-rousers, several nurses asked questions about Social Security and college loans.

Tonight, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch) held a meeting in Sunrise, Florida to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Obamacare. Other than Debbie’s guffaw at the mention of “teabaggers”, the meeting was uneventful. However, there were some familiar faces in the crowd. Tonight, they were kind enough to wear SEIU garb.