Debbie Wasserman Schultz: My Family Sends Me Anti-Obama Email?!?


In the Florida Jewish Journal, Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch) penned an op-Ed trying to defend President Barack Obama and his policies towards Israel. Democrats are clearly worried that they will lose the support of many traditional Democrats voters thanks to Obama.

Debbie admits she gets anti-Obama emails from family and friends:

“These are the facts. Many on the other side, including the Republican candidates, don’t want this truth out there.

They simply want to manipulate the president’s record for political gain. I believe they have chosen this path because their own records on domestic and social issues are so far out of touch with Americans’ vision of fairness and equality and the values that the Jewish community holds dear. Republicans know that they can’t appeal to the Jewish community on domestic issues, so they mischaracterize President Obama’s stellar record on Israel to sow seeds of doubt.

I hear the rumors, too. I receive the dubious email forwards from friends and family. But no smear campaign can change the fact that the President has not wavered in his support for the Jewish state and effort to curb the Iranian nuclear program.”

If you’re bored you can read the entire piece here.