Jeb Bush Finds Way to Explain Obamanomics in One Minute

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush just “tweeted” the following link. Someone found a great way to explain the sham that is Obamanomics.

FSU DEMS go AWOL: FSU Republicans set to debate FAMU Democrats

TALLAHASSEE—The raging feud between the Republican and Democratic Parties is spreading among our youth, especially those located in our state’s Capitol. Politically astute students across the campuses of Florida State University, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Tallahassee Community College have been gathering in an effort to educate the student bodies while raising support for their parties.

During the fall semester, the FSU College Republicans challenged the FSU College Democrats to a four panel debate; Topics included Gun Control, Energy Policy and the War in Afghanistan. The FSU Republicans had been practicing vigorously for weeks and had the support to prove it. Perhaps not so surprisingly, the FSU Democrats showed up in small numbers, with a team who tossed out jokes instead of presentable facts.

After the FSU Republicans debated so effectively, one of the debate members for the Democrats switched to being a “Libertarian” and has since started attending College Republican meetings.
The FSU College Republicans have continued to challenge the FSU College Democrats to another debate; The challenge has been met with no response. Tom Bortnyk, co-Chair of the College Republican Debate Team  stated, “[FSU Democrats] don’t seem to want to debate in front of an audience. Public humiliation doesn’t exactly encourage membership.”

After getting wind of the situation, the FAMU Debate Team contacted the Chairman of the FSU Republicans. The FSU Republicans whole-heartedly accepted the challenge. FSU and FAMU are set to debate on February 23, on the FSU campus. The NAACP and the Black Student Union are co-sponsoring the event. Both sides expect a great turnout, perhaps one for the books. Topics to be debated are the War on Terror, Healthcare, Immigration, and many more, all from a legislative viewpoint.

Mia Simon is a freshmen at FSU and a Broward resident. She is the Tallahassee contributor for RED BROWARD.