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Reagan 100: The Humor

Ronald Reagan didn’t need Jay Leno to write jokes for him. The man was funny. Whether it was a well-timed quip or self-deprecating line (see the “I’d rather be in Philadelphia” line to ER doctor the day he was shot), Reagan knew how to use humor to make his point.

Perhaps his most famous and effective line came during a 1984 Presidential debate. Walter Mondale and the usual anti-GOP forces had been hammering away at Reagan since the DNC convention in San Francisco. Reagan was portrayed as “out of touch” and “too old.”

During the debate, Reagan delivered the perfect line. It was a knockout punch. Mondale himself laughed hysterically.

Humor is a powerful tool. It allows you to not only disarm your opponent and rally your side, but it wins converts from the other side. Watch this exchange with Sam Donaldson of ABC News:

Finally, Reagan’s sense of humor earned him the respect of funny people. Check out this classic skit from Saturday Night Live set during the Iran/Contra era; The late, great Phil Hartman portrays Reagan in a way that comes across a flattering, regardless of your political point of view:

Broward’s Own Stephanie Haridopolos Speaks to Local GOP

Last Monday evening, Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos spoke before the Broward Republican Executive Committee on behalf of her husband, Sen Mike Haridopolos (R-Merritt Island).

Stephanie and Mike Haridopolos

Dr. Haridopolos is a proud graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale. She grew up in Plantation. Senator Haridopolos, President of the Florida Senate, hopes to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate.




For more information please go to

Why, Yes, There IS Something About Jerry!

(Thanks to the folks at the DEC we know he ain't a Democrat)

Plantation City Councilman Jerry Fadgen is conducting neighborhood walks this weekend. . Today at 2pm you can meet Jerry at 21 East Acre Drive. Maybe he’ll take all the Daily Pulp readers on one of those Hollywood-like tours of locations used in the movie, There’s Something About Mary. I’m a heck of a tour guide too.

On Sunday, walks are scheduled at Deicke Auditorium. No truth to rumors that Brett Farv-rah will make an appearance.

For more information call (954) 684-1370

or just drop me a line.