Serious Questions

The Third BREC candidate forum will be held Monday, November 29 2010 at Fort Lauderdale City Hall . The forum, hosted by Sunshine Republicans and the Broward Women’s Republican Club, begins at 6:30pm.

This will be a prime opportunity to meet the candidates and ask them about their plans for BREC in 2011 and beyond. (The forum hosts will NOT allow any video or audio recording of the event.)

It’s time for serious questions from the audience. It is the duty of the BREC membership to ask questions which will elicit the candidate’s strategy.

BREC needs a leader who will not only “grow” the party but develop a strategy to win elections in Broward county. Win. It’s not enough to “compete” in certain areas of town.

The next BREC Chairman needs to end the status quo which allows too many Broward democrats run against “write in” candidates instead of viable Republicans.

The next BREC leader needs a plan to help hard-working candidates reach every Republican voter in Broward county.

Too many Broward Republicans play the election day “guessing game” –look at names on the ballot and vote against candidates that “sound” like democrats.

If you cannot attend the forum but have a question, send it to me. I will try to ask the question and will post any response.

TRUEX: “Bigger, Bolder” BREC?

Tom Truex, candidate for BREC chairman, posted this on his blog:

“BREC needs to teach Republican candidates how to win elections. As your BREC Chairman, helping our local Republican candidates develop the tools necessary to be elected and re-elected, will be one of my foremost goals. We will build an extended board, by identifying key people, and developing upcoming leaders. I will mentor, mold and motivate our team. I will constantly challenge our team to get better and do more.”

Dirty Tricks 101

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. You may have seen a few posts on FACEBOOK regarding the BREC elections.

They’re disguised as compliments, but they’re just another attempt to smear Republicans. The author lists himself as a Democrat from Hollywood. His claims of innocent support ring hollow. He got the intended response when he posted on the Sun-Sentinel’s “BROWARD POLITICS” FACEBOOK page on November 17, 2010: