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PLANTATION FIREWORKS: Diane Bendekovic “lost her cool”!!!

A candidate meeting in the Jacaranda area of Plantation turned nasty last night when Diane Bendekovic “lost her cool”. Jacaranda activists invited Bendekovic, Sharon Uria and (Vera) Lynn Stoner to a meet and greet. Things turned heated when mayoral candidate Jerry Fadgen crashed the party.

It seems Bendekovic took exception with Fadgen’s comments on Buddy Nevin’s Broward Beat; Campaign insiders tell RED BROWARD, Bendekovic had been seething all day over the story.

Sources say Bendekovic “lost her temper” when someone brought up the ethics charges against Bendekovic ( see Roy “butterflies” Rogers). Sources describe Bendekovic as “totally pissed off”.

The Jacaranda area was seen as a Bendekovic stronghold, but minds were changed after the debate. Some residents did not think her demeanor was mayoral , remarking she really “looked bad”. The same sources say Fadgen did not raise his voice and remained a gentleman throughout the episode. Sources were not Fadgen supporters. Developing Hard…