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Below is an image, found on a local Plantation website (, purportedly of a letter to Green Party candidate R. Warren Meddoff from Archbishop Thomas Wenksi. It appears to be in response to a letter from Meddoff. As the Fox News people say, “We report, you decide”.

MEDDOFF RESPONDS: Blames Plantation Priest???

While Warren Meddoff has failed to respond to our email request for comment, he has chimed in on a Facebook page:

“The Archbishop said what he said in writing to me. If the Archbishop feels I construed something he said improperly, let him say so and I will change it. Msgr Fogarty of the St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church was repeatedly requested in writing and on the phone to meet and discuss the Archbishop’s letter PRIOR to the signage, he chose to ignore the request. If the Archdiocese has a problem, they need to talk to their highest representative in the City of Plantation.”

Mr. Meddoff, Drop us a line. We can give you the Archdiocese phone number. Or just wait, they told us they have your number.

Blames local priest?


EXCLUSIVE—Mary Ross Agosta, communications director for the Archdiocese of Miami, tells RED BROWARD the MEDDOFF campaign sign is a “flagrant misuse” of Archbishop Thomas Wenski’s name.

She stated that no one associated with the Archdiocese of Miami, Archbishop Wenksi, or any church or priest endorsed a political candidate. According to Ross Agosta, if Meddoff intended to give this impression,  the Archdiocese “will pursue whatever is available to stop it.”

RED BROWARD attempted to reach Warren Meddoff for comment. We will update story as warranted.