Plantation Candidate Eric Hammond gets $ from same PAC that gave to Charlie Rangel!

Eric Hammond is a Democrat( so says the list from Mitch Ceasar and the folks at the Broward DEC). So it should come as no surprise that he received contributions from local democrats. But it’s shocking to see Washington DC heavyweights involved in Plantation politics. On January 10, 2011 Hammond reported a $500 contribution from […]

Broward DEMS say Plantation candidate Stoner is a Democrat, so Keechl gives her $$$

As you may recall, the Sun-Sentinel revealed a Broward Democrat Executive Committee list that identified the party affiliations of “non-partisan” candidates.  The Broward DEC says that candidate (Vera) Lynn Stoner is a democrat. The news must have reached Ken Keechl. The politician that dog owners love to hate gave Stoner a $100 contribution on January […]

Sun-Sentinel: STA Coach Smith “abruptly retires”

“Smith, who said he’ll remain as the school’s athletic director, made the announcement at an impromptu press conference at the Fort Lauderdale high school. Under Smith, St. Thomas won six state championships and was runner-up seven times. He amassed a remarkable 361 wins for the Raiders.”,0,2255943.story