“Wakanda Voters Guide” Could Not Save Dale Holness From Crushing Defeat

Dale Holness & Wakanda Voters Guide

Feeling the Democratic nomination for US Congress CD 20 slipping away, a desperate Dale Holness called upon a Marvel superhero for help. Holness campaign workers in Lauderhill were pictured with the “Wakanda Voters Guide.” To those unfamiliar with the Marvel Universe, Wakanda is the home of The Black Panther. T’Challa did not come to Holness’ rescue.

Tuesday’s primary defeat at the hands of Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick marks the end of the once-vaunted Holness political machine. Holness, the self-declared heir apparent to Alcee Hastings, could not muster 17,000 votes in his second race Cherfilus-McCormick. As usual, Team Holness resorted to shady PACs and palm cards in an effort to fool Broward voters.

Dubbed “The Real Black Vote,” the card passed to Lauderhill voters featured images of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Barack Obama. The card promoted Dale Holness and his allies. The others candidates on the “Wakanda Voters Guide” included Charlie Crist, Hazelle Rogers, Bobby DuBose and Holness’ cousin Jeff Holness.

The card has a uncanny resemblance to the Our Blue Broward and The Black Vote cards passed out across Broward.

Clearly, Team Holness (paging Marlon Bolton) lacked approval from Marvel and parent company Disney to use Wakanda in the piece.

But in the end, justice was served. Dale Holness remains a civilian.


Dale Holness, two-time loser.

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