Dale Holness Gets The Charlie Crist Seal Of Approval™️?

Dale Holness & Charlie Crist

Desperate Democrat Dale Holness plastered a photograph of Charlie Crist holding his palm card at a campaign stop Tuesday. This is not the first appearance of the two men and a mail piece this campaign cycle. In July, REDBROWARD exposed the phony “Our Blue Democracy” card from Team Holness. Crist and Holness were endorsed on the card tied to Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton.

Great company you’re keeping these days, Charlie.

Surely, Nikki Fried and Sheila Cherfilus McCormick welcome the team up of the two desperate men.

3 thoughts on “Dale Holness Gets The Charlie Crist Seal Of Approval™️?

      1. boomerbabysage

        I doubt Christ wants much of anything to do with any politics in America these days. But, the devil’s likely having a helluva time here. And, Charlie’s been around FL politics long enough to know what he needs, or not needs, to do.


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