Candidate Marie Martin Isn’t Telling Voters She’s Running For Broward School Board Seat Currently Held By Mother

Marie Murray Martin and mom Ann Murray
Marie Murray Martin

***UPDATED BELOW with response from Marie Murray Martin***

In a social blitz last week, Marie Murray Martin announced her candidacy for the District 1 seat on the Broward County School Board. The District 1 seat is currently occupied by Ann Murray who is not seeking re-election next year. In a Youtube video, Ms. Martin discusses her background as an education reporter and a Broward school teacher. But she leaves one important detail off her resume. Marie Murray Martin is the daughter of Ann Murray.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin website.

No pictures of Ann Murray on the Marie Murray Martin Facebook page.

No mention of Ann Murray at all on either website.

REDBROWARD asked Marie Murray Martin if she was hiding her famous mom from Broward voters.

Martin wrote:

In response to your question, in the past several weeks, I have been to several public events with my mother and we’ve been very transparent about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. On Memorial Day weekend, we met with constituents at Montella Park and told them about my announcement and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. Again, we recently attended The Latino Vote Forum and the MSA graduation and announced my candidacy and that I was seeking my mother’s seat. When I put my press release tab on my website, more will be posted about her not seeking re-election and my announcement. I filed on May 14, 2021 and my website went up on June 2, 2021. So we are still working on my bio, platform and other tabs for the website.

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  1. David Reese says:

    As a voter, district employee, and colleague of Mrs. Martin, I find your article to be rather distasteful and downright disgusting. What are you suggesting, that somehow Marie Martin is not qualified? Are you saying that she is automatically disqualified to run based on her own merits simply because the person that is retiring is her mother? It is this type of behavior that discourages many qualified individuals from seeking public office. All too often voters are left with slim pickings because not too many people would want to deal with this type of crap. Yes, I know both individuals you referenced in your “article” and I do take offense to you suggesting some sort of cover-up. Marie Martin is an extremely qualified, well-educated public school teacher who reports to school two hours before school begins and is often one of the if not the last individuals to leave each night. Had you done your research you would have discovered that Martin’s professional resume is as impressive as many of the individuals currently seated on our school board. Moreover, Marie Martin’s decision to not only come back home but her willingness to work at a Title One school has provided her with first-hand experience that sets her apart from her mother, current board members, and each of the candidates she will face during the election. How sad it is for the students and families in District 1 and Broward County in general if Marie Martin is not given a fair chance to actually run and make a much-needed difference in the lives of the people she would be serving.


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