Mayor Dean Trantalis
Broward Mayor Dale Holness
Sarah Nell Murphy supporters

Sure, Broward Mayor Dale Holness and Fort Lauderdale Mayor Dean Trantalis (D-Backbencher) cancelled your Fourth of July plans but you didn’t think the rules applied to them, did you? On Friday, REDBROWARD exposed Holness’ invite to wealthy residents to attend an upcoming campaign fundraiser in Lauderhill. Today, Holness & Trantalis hosted the kickoff of a Joe Biden campaign parade at the city-owned downtown garage. The poorly attended caravan was the Democrats ploy to counter the hugely popular boat floatillas supporting President Donald Trump.

Trantalis lowered his face mask to address the sparse crowd, made up of mostly elected officials, Democrat candidates and family. Holness took time from the partisan event to lecture residents about social distancing to local media. Holness announced the County issued huge fines to local businesses due to patrons violating social distancing rules.

Just one problem. Photographs posted by the Biden parade hosts show numerous participants not wearing masks and violating social distancing rules.

Broward State Attorney candidate Sarah Nell Murphy has an entire carload of kids not covering their faces!

Why can’t politicians follow the same rules they expect you to follow?

If things are so bad, why didn’t Dale Holness and Dean Trantalis close the beaches AND cancel all political parades and rallies?