Report: Brenda Snipes Quits

Anthony Man of the Sun-Sentinel reports Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes has resigned. Snipes’ lawyer Burnadette Norris Weeks confirmed the news. The resignation is effective in January.

5 thoughts on “Report: Brenda Snipes Quits

      1. Red

        The only one I trust that is competent and has support of every wing of the Party and can hold the seat in the next election is Chris Zaidee. Celeste Ellich and Shari McCartney have been mentioned or should I say have mentioned themselves. Oh and everyone knows DeNapoli is going to join.


  1. City activist Robert Walsh

    What a shock.Dr.Snipes knew full well if she did not resign come January the newly elected gov.would have let her go on his first day.Again, it wasn.t her but her managerial staff.I wish her well.Making almost 200g a year.At 75 enjoy yourself and for Gods sake spend, spend, spend.Trips, cars ,u name it.Not for nothing she is in great shape at her age.Enjoy your retirement…



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