Sun-Sentinel Endorses Richard Leys For Broward Soil & Water Board

The Sun-Sentinel says voters should re-elect Richard Leys to the Broward Soil & Water board. Leys is being challenged by failed 2016 Broward Soil & Water Board candidate Richard DeNapoli.

The Sun-Sentinel wrote:

Richard Leys, the incumbent, is a Pennsylvania native who moved to South Florida with his wife in 1992 after being transferred from Philadelphia by his employer, AT&T. He has served on the board since 2013. He also serves on the Pompano Beach Recreation and Nuisance & Abatement Advisory boards and is on the board of the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce. He speaks like a man who deserves a chance to finish something he started.

Read full story here.

3 thoughts on “Sun-Sentinel Endorses Richard Leys For Broward Soil & Water Board

  1. Carl Buehler

    Can you send me an email address so i can forward you some documents. Could not find a link on site.


    Carl Buehler



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