Unhinged: Rico Petrocelli Booed At Plantation Residents Forum


An unhinged rant by Plantation City Council Candidate Rico Petrocelli drew boos from the audience at a forum Tuesday evening. Petrocelli grew angry as he recalled years-old attacks by Mayoral candidate Pete Tingom. Petrocelli claimed Tingom said he was “going to jail.”

Petrocelli said Tingom “abused his family and treated me like crap.” Claiming he knows all the good and bad stuff about the players in Plantation, Petrocelli claimed Chamber of Commerce honcho Siobhan Edwards would not get along with a Mayor Lynn Stoner.

By then, audience members had enough. They booed Petrocelli. Several audience members told him to sit down. One yelled, “disrespectful” when Petrocelli refused to stop talking.

Rico replied, “you can boo but it’s the truth.”

Petrocelli is running against Ximena Hommel, Denise Horland and Jesse Walaschek.

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