Users of e-mail programs like Constant Contact are familiar with the easy to use templates. Constant Contact gives the template and the user customizes with their information. When it comes to political campaigns, a candidate often hires an experienced professional to handle mass e-mails to voters.

On Wednesday, Laurie Rich Levinson sent one of those mass e-mails. It was filled with typical campaign talking points and pictures. But near the bottom of the piece, the campaign forgot to remove part of the template.

Is it a big deal? Nope. But it is a sign of a campaign in trouble. When taken together with angry supporters on the trail and the candidate’s unwillingness to debate her opponent (Dr. Richard Mendelson), it seems the Levinson campaign does not know what it is doing.

And she’s been a school board member for eight years. This is her third campaign. Her mother, Nan Rich, is a County Commissioner and a longtime politician. They couldn’t find a pro to handle their e-mail?