Broward Sheriff Scott Israel Responds To Rep. Bill Hager’s “Reckless” Letter

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has issued a response to an open letter from Rep. Bill Hager to Governor Rick Scott. On Saturday, Hager called on Governor Scott to remove Israel from his post for “gross incompetence” in his handling of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre.

In his letter, Sheriff Israel states a “quick response was important because Mr. Hager’s reckless letter was riddled with factual errors, unsupported gossip and falsehoods.”

Israel states Hager’s claim that the Stoneman Douglas School Resource Officer and three BSO deputies were on campus but taking cover during the shooting is false. Israel states, “Only one law enforcement officer was ever on campus–at any time–during the attack: Scott Peterson.” Deputy Peterson resigned on Thursday.

Israel takes issue with Hager’s claim that BSO received 23 calls to from the home of Nikolas Cruz as well as 39 visits from BSO deputies. Israel states this claim is false. He states 18 of the 23 calls from the Cruz home dealt with Nikolas Cruz. The rest of the calls were made regarding his brother Zachary Cruz. “Of the 18, nearly all but two involved routine call from the mother relating to parenting issues (her sons were fighting; her son was banging pool equipment against the house, etc.),” Israel said. “BSO released the entire list of specifics of each call for service, and none were arrestable offences.”

Israel stated, “Mr. Hager’s claim of ’39 visits by’ BSO deputies is simply fiction.”

Finally, Sheriff Israel says Hager’s claim this is not the first time BSO has been under review is false. “It is patently obvious that Mr. Hager has zero comprehension of law enforcement,” Israel wrote. “After any major critical incident, all law enforcement agencies prepare self-assessments (often styled as After-Action Report, Lessons Learned Report, etc.).”

Israel said he is, “very proud of the incredible work that so many from BSO and other agencies (including CSPD, FDLE, Sunrise, FBI, ATF and others) performed on February 14.”

He said, “I am equaled appalled that Rep. Hager felt a need to engage in disingenuous political grandstanding, perhaps in the hope he will garner some headlines, at the expense of the truth.”

Sheriff Israel urged Hager to “publicly apologize for helping to spreading this false gossip and misinformation.”


  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz says:

    Now is the time to investigate not play games.


  2. Stephanie Kienzle says:

    Sheriff Israel, step away from the computer.

    Between this ridiculous letter and your earlier press release (, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

    If ever there was a time for the BSO to hire a media crisis specialist it would be now.

    In the meantime, you have the right to remain silent.


  3. Frank says:

    Not only did his deputies fail to enter. They let the shooter escape, since they were posted outside. Remember. The shooter walked off campus and was caught much later off campus. This man sat at the BB&T center bashing the NRA. YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN BASHING YOUR SHITTY ASS OFFICERS. Fire Isreal immediately. And as for Peterson?? Take his pension. The whole thing. Divide it up between the families who lost their loved ones. He deserves nothing.


  4. Its not Sheriff Israel fault that his deputies( the ones mentioned above) were basically cowards.He fired Peterson asap.He bashed him good to the point if i was Peterson i would consider moving.Try Alaska.I think under the circumstances Israel did all he could.He trains these officers etc, if they balk( chicken out) that again is not his fault.Yes, maybe investigative tips such as the ones that were called in to BSO need examination and policy review etc- warranted, but to have Israel resign – well its like putting this massacre on Sheriff Israel is beyound unfair.He also did a great job on the CNN town hall last week.At least he stood up to the NRA and doesn.t take money from them like some other elected officals do.Stay the course Sheriff…


    1. Frank says:

      You obviously never heard of the phrase “the buck stops here”.


  5. To “buck stops here”.So he should resign because 4 or 5 of his deputies were to afraid to do their jobs.So its all Israel fault.Come on.What needs to be implemented is these dispatch complaints and concerns people phone in etc.Blame DCF they did nothing to address family and neighbor concerns..Im sorry Sheriff Israel did a great job as Broward county top cop the other night on CNN.I esp. liked how he told the NRA gal there she was full of bs.He also called for the make gun control changes.The governor immediately called for from 18 to 21 to purchase.Its a start.I thank Sheriff Israel for turning up the volume and supporting these students.Fire him, have him quit.I think not.He is just getting started..


    1. Frank says:
      People bigger than me and you see it a certain way. Get on board.
      And how do you think top cop would have been welcomed at the CNN if that crowd knew his deputy did nothing to save their fellow students. Top cop would’ve been on a stool next to NRA girl getting ‘burn him’ chants too. It will all come out whether we want it to or not.


  6. Frank-and the audience chant “burn them” etc.was wrong too.So because his deputy(peterson & there is more- fire them to Sheriff) did nothing etc.Israel should step down.Ok what about the Super -Mr.Runcie should he resign as well.Should the DCF investigators step down as well.Sheriff is an elected offical.If you feel that strongly than by all means when he desires to run for Sheriff again don.t vote for him.Changes need to be addressed.Absolutely, but to say having him quit is not the answer.The answer is raise the age to buy firearms 21.Sales of AR 15 and other sub machines guns need to be banned or at the very least the gun owner should have to go through a very details safety class.Also anyone that has these type of weapons should have to notify county sheriff office that your domicile has these weapons so law enforcement has the heads up if the person or persons has these type of arteriily in their home etc.That is what needs to be done, not having Israel quit.Sheriff back these students 100%..


  7. Another note.Isn.t it funny or coincidental( my ass) that the person and or persons that are calling for Israel to resign are all Republican.Sheriff gives this no importance.Concentrate on making improvements that this doesn.t happen again.To politicize this massacre is disgraceful..


    1. Frank says:

      Who ever said I’m a republican?


      1. Frank says:

        In a county that protects such creatures as DWS after she steals cheats and guides a primary election in favor of HRC over Bernie Sanders and gets fired from her position, And is re elected again and again seems pretty political if you ask me. My vote doesn’t penetrate locally against These kinds of people. So nationally this story will go. And I hope the truth no matter how painful it may be comes out. If a republican or independent had a similar situation happen as sheriff or politician, we’d be calling for justice too. Fair is fair. Our political parties are better than that. We are better than that as people. We should learn not to put political parties before our moral fibers and not hide behind them. We the people need to be better than this.


  8. Small Font says:

    The disproportionate level of fonts on this website is criminal.
    Is this a news article or a eye chart?


    1. Tom Lauder says:

      Guess we’ve located the “font police.” Welcome to Broward


  9. Boy Sheriff Israel when i say alot of these whos who of the state Republicans they want u gone yesterday.Now with the investigation what will sting is the numerous calls to BSO concerning Cruz.Troubling.Also what’s up with your radio communications.Im hearing they were not working properly.Same thing was reported last year with the airport shooting.Whats wrong with your dispatch and radio communications.Your key to survival here is keep backing these students.Also when being interviewed on the national scene less is more.Omit praising yourself.Keep the focus on the victims.Watch the deputy who u fired(peterson) cause he wants to shift the blame to you.To Peterson spin this travesty on everyone else but u.Bottom line you hid behind the cars etc.Once the surveillance footage comes out and if it clearly shows you hid, your done.Back to Sheriff Israel again when being questioned leave the New York, don.t mess with Jew mentality home.Your coming across very brazen.Keep the focus on the students and victims.Cause they above mentioned want u gone – yesterday.Very unfortunate situation Israel is in.Stay focused.Implement new deputy instructions etc in these type of situations.Implement new rules and.policy changes before investigation is completed..


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