Carlos A. Marcos told Pembroke Pines Police that City Commissioner Jay Schwartz threatened to “expose” him if he ran for office. On January 25, 2018 Marcos filed a police report with the Pembroke Pines Police. The police investigator made contact with a witness who said Schwartz made a specific threat against Marcos.

According to the report, Judith Richard said she spoke with Schwartz at September 2017 funeral. She said Schwartz “approached her and asked to speak to her privately.” Once in a hallway, Richard told police that Schwartz delivered his threat.

According to Richard, Schwartz said “You need to convince your friend, Carlos, to drop from the running for election of commissioner for District 1 or else I’ll expose all of his criminal activity.” She said Schwartz threatened her if she did not deliver the message.

Richard claims Schwartz said, “If you do not tell him then you will be associated with him and criminal activity.”

Richard told police she told Marcos about the threat after Pines City Manager Charlie Dodge told Commissioners that Schwartz and his wife, Stacey, had made improper contact with city employees.

Last month, REDBROWARD reported Dodge stunned his bosses at last week’s City Commission retreat with accusations that one Commissioner was violating the city charter by conducting an “inquisition” of employees.

Marcos told Redbroward he had numerous encounters with Schwartz about his brief campaign for the District 1 Commission seat. Marcos said he felt “bullied” by Schwartz. Marcos said he has never been involved in any “criminal activity” and he has no idea what Schwartz allegedly referred to in his conversation with Richard.

Marcos said he filed the police report after speaking with the Broward State Attorney’s Office.

RedBroward asked Commissioner Jay Schwartz for comment. We will update story if he responds.

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Not surprised at all!! He’s a two-faced bully….anyone close to him may be smart to separate themselves. This ship is sinking quick!! All of his own doing.


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