As REDBROWARD first reported, Elijah Manley, the “radical” campaign operative for Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Dean Trantalis, was arrested Friday. Manley ran from Fort Lauderdale Police who were investigating acts of vandalism against the campaigns of Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Robert McKinzie and Vice Mayor Bruce Roberts. Trantalis is running against Roberts to be the next Mayor of Fort Lauderdale.

On Sunday, Elijah Manley posted the following statement on Facebook:

Statement from Elijah Manley regarding events of this weekend:

Good day, I know that many of you are worried much about my safety, condition, and well-being.

I am safe, and resting at home. On Friday night, I was arrested by the Fort Lauderdale Police at around 530pm if I can recall correctly. I was sent to jail, and was not released until Saturday night. I was advised by my attorney to not to say anything about the facts of this case, and I will be following that advice. However, I want to ensure those that know me that truth will prevail as it always does. I am looking forward to all the facts coming out. I am confident that the facts will support my compliance with the law. I am looking forward to my day in court so that justice is served. Truth > politics, and I know that the courts will agree with me.

I want to thank you all so much for your concerns, efforts to find out what occurred, and for doing everything you could to have my back. I am very lucky to have such a strong network of individuals who are there for me. Nothing has changed. Life will continue. I will continue being me, going to school, running for office, and fighting the good fight.

I will be in Washington in the coming days to fight for a clean Dream Act so that families are not torn apart. I encourage you to join in on that effort. Secondly, I know that some news articles were posted on some websites about this case. Many of those articles were filled with smears, and fabricated content with the intent of scoring political brownie points. I will be addressing those in the coming days in a legal fashion.

I know that many of you are angry and pissed off right now. Don’t let anger turn into irrationality. We know the truth, god knows the truth, and soon, the world will know the truth. However, please allow for justice and the courts to work as they were designed. Finally, I want to say to all, thank you. Thank you for being there when I felt alone. Thank you to the elected officials and everybody who stood up and looked into this matter further. It really means so much to me. In the end: the people united, will NEVER be defeated.


Elijah D. Manley

P.S., Any questions or press can be referred to my attorney George Odom from this point on out.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. So now Red Broward is racist for reporting the arrest.So if he was white it would have been hush hush.Please.Facts are facts.This young man can spin this anyway he likes.He will get his court date.Most likely charges will be dropped.All the police wanted to do was question him.If he was sooo innocent then what did u run for?.If he had stopped and addressed the police concerns then all this could have been avoided.I put the blame 100% on this young man…


  2. Being fair inregards to this young man arrest and that Judy Stern behind having him arrested.Come on.It wasn.t Judy that iniated the call to police.It wasn.t Judy Stern allegedly vandalizing Bruce Roberts campaign signs.Give me a break.It wasn.t Judy Stern that ran from the cops.No.One thing im fair.When the sources stated she got inside info i did not blame her but the perpertraitor (BELLIS) who stated such stated regards to tabulations.So fair.To say that she was behind getting this subject arrested or orchestrated such stated events is completely absurd..Lesson learned for the last time we don.t remove,vandalize or deface canidates campaign signs.Also to point ge is no volunteer.He is being paid by Trantalis campaign.He had motive to do what is alleged.The caller that reported the sign damage was certainly not described as some 50 yr.old man that resembles Rafael Nadel.Or a lady that is a big Barbra Streisand fan.No it was a young black guy.Gee i wonder who that was…


  3. It has been reported this young man no longer works($) for the Trantalis campaign.This speaks volumes.In other words Dean fired him.Damage control.Another damage control Dean go to to Dec.19.2012.I want some answers Dean..


  4. Micheal McGuigan ring a bell.Thank you to all those that have been helping me with the case file.The testimonals from Comm.Trantalis and comm.Angelo Castillo.Buddy Nevins blog from Dec19.2012.This is alot of material to review.However,the sentiment i share and many others is we do not support,we do not stick up for,we do not make excuses or jusify alleged child molesters.I want answers Dean..


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