Chip LaMarca Apologizes For Blaming Canada

Broward County Commissioner Chip LaMarca has officially apologized to the nation of Canada for his epic Facebook flub regarding the recent terror attack at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Shortly after the Friday shooting, the diminutive LaMarca told his Facebook followers that FLL shooting suspect Esteban Santiago traveled to Fort Lauderdale on an Air Canada flight. Since LaMarca is a local government official, media outlets across the globe reported LaMarca’s information as fact.

Chip LaMarca was wrong. Santiago flew into Fort Lauderdale on a Delta Airlines flight. Still, Air Canada, other government agencies and the media had to investigate the allegation. As REDBROWARD reported on Tuesday, Chip LaMarca’s erroneous social media post has launched a thousand internet conspiracy theories.

A reporter with the popular Infowars website used LaMarca’s screw up to theorize the FLL attack was a “false flag” covert operation conducted by the U.S. Government.

On Monday, LaMarca issued an apology via his Twitter account. (NOTE: Chip has blocked REDBROWARD from viewing his tweets). LaMarca said, “Corrected misinformation I received once we learned it was a flight from Anchorage thru Minneapolis. My apologies to our friends in @Canada.”

LaMarca told The Sun-Sentinel he received complaints from many Canadians. He said he even contacted Canadian diplomats in Washington, D.C.

“A few Canadian twitter folks weren’t as nice, but we love our Canadian visitors here,” LaMarca said.

Hey Chip, here’s a suggestion: next time let law enforcement issue all terror attack information to Broward County residents. Stick to ribbon cutting ceremonies and diatribes about ceremonial mayoral elections.


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  1. Andy says:

    The problem is that, like Com. Chip LaMarca, I too initially fell victim to erroneous posting on the web and some radio talk which initially implied that the shooter had seemingly arrived on a Canadian flight. That was later found to be totally inaccurate and misleading. My concern, as an overseas traveler who in recent months returned from Spain, Portugal, and just visited Brazil and Argentina celebrating the New Year Holiday with friends is, why would anyone with a one way ticket not be flagged? I say that especially because of the documented record of his carrying a packed weapon in his luggage, an arrest history dealing violence leading to probation, then an alleged interview regarding this individuals referenced hallucinations associated with Islamic terrorism, etc. Why was he not monitored by the authorities here and elsewhere? The Broward Sheriff’s office should have been properly alerted of such a situation be it innocent or not. Another Beltway case of a fumbling administration’s intelligence and oversight bureaucracy failing to do their job more thoroughly and in some cases having their hands tied because of political correctness.


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