Beer Company Says It’s Not “Miller Time”For Broward Judicial Candidate

Former Broward County judicial candidate Dale Miller thought he had a catchy slogan to attract voters. Miller used the “It’s Miller Time” line to end his stump speeches. It usually generated a few laughs and smiles from fans of the Miller Brewing Company line. Some campaign watchers joked Miller might get a nasty letter from the beer giant.

He did.

Miller lost the August primary, but that didn’t stop Miller Coors lawyers from sending him a cease and desist letter. The international beer company heard about Miller’s political campaign and his use of the slogan. They even mentioned his decorated SUV.

They acknowledged the campaign was over but they still wanted him to stop using the slogan and the #MillerTime hashtag.

Today, Dale Miller posted the letter on social media with the #NotMillerTime hashtag.

2 thoughts on “Beer Company Says It’s Not “Miller Time”For Broward Judicial Candidate

  1. W. Dale Miller

    The tagline was: #NoMoreMillerTimeForMe and, for the record, the slogan only ever appeared on the Miller Mobile. I have already complied with the MillerCoors request.



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