Why is the executive director of a  Broward children’s museum being urged by topless women to whack Donald Trump in effigy? 

Videos obtained by REDBROWARD show Young At Art (YAA) executive director Mindy Shrago attending a pro-Bernie Sanders party with other YAA artists. Several topless women, including one wearing a Bernie Sanders mask, take turns whacking a Donald Trump doll hanging from the ceiling. The video shows Shrago whacking the doll as well.

Other party goers are wearing Trump and Hillary Clinton masks. Some party favors call Trump a “schmuck” and Clinton a “shiksa.” One topless woman is wearing pasties made from yarmulkes with the Israeli Flag. This short clip is just part of a video catalog that Shrago and her husband, Jay Spechler did not want to be publicized.

Last month, Shrago worried the videos would hurt negotiations with the County over YAA loan payments. It’s unclear whether Broward County Commissioners think anyone associated with a taxpayer-funded children’s museum should be hanging out with topless artists.