Broward Democrat Running For Supervisor Of Elections AND Clerk Of Courts

Rubin Young wants to be the next Broward Supervisor of Elections. He wants to be the next Broward Clerk of Courts, too. Young, a registered Democrat, filed campaign paperwork for both offices.

In a telephone interview with REDBROWARD, Young said Supervisor of Elections officials stated nobody had run for two offices before. He previously campaigned for a Florida State House seat in 2008. Young said he received a real education in Broward politics while running the 2014 County Commission campaign of Terry Williams-Edden.

Young decried the “circle of friendship” displayed during the controversial 2014 District 2 County Commission race. “I saw things that shouldn’t have happened,” Young said. “Officials in power…protect each other’s seat.” He said this “protectionism” makes it nearly impossible for ordinary citizens to get elected.

Young told REDBROWARD he plans to seek the District 2 County Commission seat in 2018.

Since he is prohibited from qualifying for both offices, Young admitted he prefers the Supervisor of Elections seat currently held by Brenda Snipes. Young says Snipes “sets the tone” for her office and she “can’t shovel responsibility to her employees” for mistakes.

Young said both offices deserve focus that can only come with a vigorous campaign.

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