Commissioner Sharief’s Hubby Calls For Raising Taxes In Miramar

Maxwell Chambers may be the worst political candidate in Broward County. Chambers, the husband of Broward County Commissioner Barbara Sharief, is seeking a seat on the Miramar City Commission. Chambers gave such an unbelievably poor performance at last week’s political forum in Miramar, that supporters were hanging their heads in shame while the rest of the audience laughed.

Hundreds of community activists at the United Neighbors Of East Miramar forum erupted into laughter after Chambers called for higher taxes.Chambers told the audience, “We have no choice at this point….we’re going to have to have the increase, then once I get in there, then we can eventually bring it back down after we pay some bills. So, it’s going to have to be increased. I’m sorry.” Later in the debate, Chambers tried to fix his mistake.

Chambers backtracked saying he did not want to raise taxes. Later that evening, Commissioner Sharief tried more damage control in a Twitter post to REDBROWARD. Sharief wrote, “Facts: Miramar mismanagement of budget led to overspending reserves. City manager gave opinion that only way out=raise taxes.”

Before being elected to the Broward County Commission, Sharief served on the Miramar city commission.

Chambers’ problems went beyond the call for higher taxes. He seemed unprepared and disinterested throughout the debate. Chambers held the microphone so close to his mouth the audience could barely understand him. Two of his opponents, Jack Murphy and Norm Hemming, used common sense and humor to connect with the audience.Perhaps Chambers should have spent less time in Tallahassee and more time on debate prep.

REDBROWARD obtained these photographs of Chambers and Sharief at Inauguration events in Tallahassee. Oddly enough, Chambers and Sharief (both Democrats) were all smiles with members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). On two different occasions, Chambers is pictured with tea party “leader” Karin Hoffman. Levi Wiliams, Hoffman’s recent opponent in the race for BREC chair, was also photographed with Chambers and Sharief.

The Miramar election will be held on March 10, 2015.

BREC member & Tea Party "Leader" Karin Hoffman with Democrat Maxwell Chambers

BREC Chair wannabe Levi Williams, left, with Commissioner Barbara Sharief and Maxwell Chambers

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