Remember the $16,700 worth of taxpayer dollars Broward Commissioner Dale Holness (D-Where Do We Start?) got for the Community Access Center in Miramar? Holness promised the money from Broward’s “emergency reserves” would be spent to promote Haitian Cultural Month. Stacy Ritter called it “pork”. Chip LaMarca said ” let’s make it an even $20,000!” Nah, Chipster didn’t really say that. (Save the nasty texts). But LaMarca was very eager to sign onto to the colossal waste of money.

The Daily Broward reported Commissioner Holness is the vice president of the Miramar-based Community Access Center, Inc. (CACFL). The CAC looks to be a conduit for costly government social programs such as Medicaid, food stamps, free HIV testing, free pregnancy tests and services, voter registration, and immigration services.

The CAC held several poorly-attended events in Miramar, Coral Springs, and Lauderhill. Pictures posted on Facebook by the CAC show just one lousy banner with a teeny tiny Broward County logo. Hey wait, did the Florida Panthers print the banner?

The banner made appearances at the Coral Springs library, Unifest, Memorial Hospital in Pembroke Pines and the Miramar Library festival!!!

Is that one lousy banner worth $16,700? Lots of other sponsors were at these events. Banks, wire money services, restaurants, legal services and phone companies. How much did they pay to attend these events?

Holness promised a budget and a full accounting of the money. Don’t hold your breath.