Some Broward GOP activists worry tonight’s monthly committee meeting will be filled with more shenanigans from Chairman Rico Petrocelli and his cronies.

Rico Petrocelli

Will Petrocelli and his top lieutenant Michael George DeGruccio answer questions about their ploy to get non-BREC member Sheela Venero VanHoose elected to an important RPOF Committtee?

Will Petrocelli circumvent BREC policy to get VanHoose added to the committee? We sure hope not.

What about those big payments to DeGruccio from the BREC federal PAC?

Heck, they won’t provide coffee at BREC meetings because the Sheraton charges too much but the pay board members thousands of dollars?

Join the fun tonight at 7pm Sheraton Suites on Cypress Creek Road (just west of I-95)