What Party Does Your Fave Soil & Water Conservation Candidate Belong to?

The fine folks at the Dolphin Democrats have made it easy to find out which party your favorite Soil & Water Conservation candidates call home. According to a list distributed by the Dolphin Dems:

Broward Soil & Water Conservation District Seat 3: Richard Leys is a Republican.

According to other published reports Richard DeNapoli is the former chairman of the Broward Republican Party. He lost a 2014 election for FL State House in Sarasota.

Happy voting!


  1. rachelzon says:

    Thank you very much for this list. I found it quite helpful in weeding out the possible ineffectual and misguided republican candidates for this position. I’m dropping off my ballot today!


  2. rachelzon says:

    Thank you for this posting. It made it quite easy for me to weed out the possible ineffective, and misguided republican candidates with tea party leanings. My ballot is now complete! Who knew that redbroward would be so damn useful to liberals 🙂

    It’s like a one stop list of whom NOT to vote for. Keep up the great work!


    1. redbroward says:

      We aim to please!


    2. J Mccurdy says:

      Typical Liberal, vote without any knowledge of the Candidates.


      1. Alex B says:

        As a “liberal” who just finished up my absentee ballot while thoroughly researching all the candidates, I’d disagree. Blanket statements may make you feel superior, but they aren’t accurate.


  3. republicanforever says:

    No worries, we are back to zero, as my votes just cancelled out all of the ones from the socialist lover rachelzon above!!!


  4. Rick Tucker says:

    Typical modern conservative for not bothering to list any context to highlight an example of why the “liberal’s” take is a bad idea. Two wrongs, man, two wrongs.


  5. bigdog says:

    Wow rachelzon sounds like a close minded Democrat thats only willing to look at the party and not the person that they are voting for. This Country is going down hill fast.


  6. Kimberly Bishop says:

    Has anybody found a website that tells us something about the Candidates?


  7. Tony Neemish says:

    We LOVE YOU Terry Snipes!


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