NBC 6 POLL: 85% Agree With Depiction Of Debbie Wasserman Schultz As Obama “Attack Dog”

Opponents of GOP Congressional candidate Ozzie DeFaria tried to make an issue of his calling Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch) Obama’s “attack dog”. In a fundraising email, the DeFaria campaign photoshopped a dog collar on DWS to emphasize the point.

Yesterday, WTVJ NBC 6 Miami ran an online poll asking if the Debbie with collar picture “crossed the line”? An overwhelming majority, heck a landslide in Democrat-friendly south Florida, said no, it does not cross the line. From the NBC 6 website:

“Eighty-five percent of the voters in the NBC 6 survey said they did not think Ozzie deFaria’s depiction of Debbie Wasserman Schultz with an apparent dog collar around her neck crossed the line.

Meanwhile, 13 percent said they did think it crossed the line and two percent were undecided.”

This poll means it is unlikely DeFaria’s GOP opponents will bring the issue up again. But expect Debbie and her allies to use this as part of her “play the victim” strategy.

DeFaria, the leader in CD 23 fundraising race, was named a “Young Gun” by the National Republican Congressional Committee.


Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. Funny how this all backfired on fish tank and Harrington – She’s really being scammed for all the money she’s paying him


  2. An online poll is by no means statistically valid or representative of the reality on the ground. There have been many online polls for POTUS in which Ron Paul won by a landslide. The Paulite community got the word out and they would simply swamp the poll.

    Besides, do you really expect the MSM to declare the supposed war on women over? These poll results don’t fit that meme.


    1. Stephanie Cutter and David Axelrod also talk of poll methodolgy problems when the poll doesn’t favor their position.


    2. The poll was conducted by a third party – NBC 6 – (not by defaria or harrington people) – and would seem to defeat the MSM and Harrington camp’s contention that this plays into the “war on women” meme. So questioning a poll undertaken by the MSM that defeats the MSM meme seems foolish.


  3. Mike – Google “sampling error”. The poll wasn’t “conducted” by NBC6, they merely hosted one of those question boxes where you click the button to agree/disagree. If they had actually called a sample of 1000 likely voters of the same proportion of men/women and R/D/NPA in the district, I’d say the poll was legit.

    What if Harrington came out with a poll that said her next door neighbor asked 100 of her neighbors who the Repub candidate should be? What if Ozzie came out with a poll he took of 100 former employees that he had awarded raises or promotions to? How do you know Ozzie’s camp didn’t have their volunteers inundate the NBC6 site?

    Sorry, to get 85% of Americans to agree on anything is practically unheard of. To get 85% on this issue given the environment smells fishy. It’s either a CYA by Ozzie’s camp or a setup from the DWS side to egg him on.


    1. Actually, given how Harrington’s people openly supported voting “yes” in the poll she must obviously have a weaker online following than Defaria.


  4. This is turning out to be a bad few days for Karen Harrington. First the gay marriage flap, and now her attempt to go after deFaria flops.


  5. We Republicans need to worry about winning the election and firing Debbie! Polls are for people who answer them, polls are not accurate unless done through a survey of voters in the district, noting the % and the % that voted. A true reflection of what people really think is not valid unless the poll is valid. So, who really started this war, who tried to attack Karen Harrington’s conservative values????? Who, who, who, stand up guilty party??? Why doesn’t RED BROWARD have a real name. Kaufman is sitting on the sidelines laughing…… let’s be sure our candidate can fire Debbie….Karen Harrington can!


    1. Republicans will say anything, do anything to get elected. They will pander, lie about facts, create legislation that is clearly Un-American and un-Patriotic and successfully sell it and spin it to most ignorant; the lowest educated segment of our population.


  6. In my opinion whomever sent out the email about Karen Harrington is a low life piece of human waste, who should be ashamed of him or herself. Karen Harrington should not be ashamed of the email, there is nothing wrong with what she did. She is a classy lady who should be given the utmost respect for not stooping to the level of Kaufman’s and Defaria’s bigoted antics.


    1. If Ms. Harrington has nothing to be ashamed of, why hasn’t she publicly come out in favor of gay marriage? Why has she been silent?


  7. Ms. Harrington was at an event with fellow Republican friends, that happen to be gay. Thankfully she is not a bigot and is able to accept people for what God made them. There were photos taken of the get together, nothing more. Are you for Same Sex Marriage? What are you afraid of?


    1. Ms. Harrington was (and perhaps still is) a board member of a gay Republican club. That may lead some reasonable people to conclude that she may be in favor of gay marriage. Her silence on this is curious. I am in favor of gay marriage, and I believe that candidates who do as well need to have some courage and ‘come out of the closet’ on this issue.


    2. It was a “gay marriage” ceremony. (in quotes since gay marriage is not legal in Florida). Everyone knows what it was to celebrate. No need to run cover for Harrington, Larry. Facts are stubborn things.


      1. As you say, gay marriage is not legal in Florida, so it was not a “gay marriage”. Has Joe Kaufman or Ozzie DeFaria taken a stance against the rights and liberties of gays. What is amazing to me is why anybody would want to interfere with a tax payers happiness? Are they not also “Gods” children? Why is it so important for Karen to say if she is for or against Same Sex Marriage? She more than likely will say that she is against it. It is the cool thing to say for Republicans for now. But do they really mean it?


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