Cynthia Thomas, a Broward Soil and Water Conservation District member (and Broward High School teacher), became unhinged at the sight of RED BROWARD at the Teen Political Forum in Coral Springs. Ms. Thomas yelled across the lobby at the top of her lungs.

Then, once inside the auditorium, Thomas raced up to the media section to give an odd (and loud) critique of RED BROWARD; she said RB “lies”, “writes lies” and “slimes”.

We reminded Ms Thomas that she was an elected official at a Broward Schools event and she should act more accordingly. Then we realized this is Broward and politicians always act like this…

Ms Thomas’ husband, former Broward School Board Member David Thomas was more gracious. He cleared up any confusion over his resignation earlier this year. Mr. Thomas resigned for personal reasons.

This entire incident was captured on video.