George LeMieux Wins Tea Party Leaders Straw Poll


George LeMieux is the overwhelming choice of statewide Tea Party Leaders. LeMieux dominated a straw poll with 53% of the vote. This is yet another example of LeMieux winning over the important tea party movement of Florida.

LeMieux, Connie Mack, and Mike McCalister are seeking the GOP nomination. The winner will get to send Bill Nelson (D-Sleepy) into retirement.

Published by Tom Lauder

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  1. The Rino wins again!
    When are we going to realize that voting and supporting a Rino is not going to change anything.
    Connie Mack or McCallister are alot better then the Tea Party choice.


  2. The problem is that Quinnipiac University (a respective University trusted in doing this type of work without bias) did a poll in Florida. It showed Nelson winning over Mack by 8 points (44% to 36%), and they didn’t even bother to include LeMieux since Mack was so far ahead of him that they didn’t feel he was a factor (last polling showing Mack leading LeMieux 39% of Republicans to 6% of Republicans. (Putting this poll together with your poll mean the Tea Party only represents less than 6% of the voters in Florida?)

    I don’t think the Tea Party can carry the state, but it can influence the candidate and the race. If a candidate is too closely aligned to the Tea Party and can’t move to the center in larger campaigns it would be tough for them to win. This country was created on compromises which is why it is so great. The Tea Party doesn’t know the meaning of the word and why it is essential to the country.


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