After saying you shouldn’t believe everything you read in the papers, Broward County Commissioner Ilene Lieberman(D-Mangoes) admitted to speaking with State Representative Martin Kiar just hours before a key vote on redistricting.

As RED BROWARD reported in January, Kiar signed in to meet with Commissioner Lieberman. He wrote the purpose of the meeting was “redistricting”. This meeting occurred just hours before the Commission approved a redistricting map.

The map was not displayed for the public. The map was altered on the dais. The map carved one single Davie precinct into District One. State Representative Kiar lives in that Davie precinct. Shortly thereafter, Kiar abdanoned his Florida State Senate bid in order to run for the Broward County Commission.

Today from the dais, Lieberman said she met with Kiar regarding other important issues. She was quick to say there was no lobbying involved. She admitted to talking with Kiar about redistricting but “only for 30 seconds” and she “didn’t vote for map anyway”.

Um, she didn’t say what exactly tey talked about for that 30 seconds.

Thirty seconds is an eternity in Broward County.