“Teacher Of The Year” Robert Sutton Announces Bid To Unseat Stacy Ritter


Robert Sutton, Coral Springs resident and “Teacher of the Year” at a West Broward High School, announced his bid to unseat Stacy Ritter on the Broward County Commission. Sutton said the voters of District 3 “deserve a choice”.

4 thoughts on ““Teacher Of The Year” Robert Sutton Announces Bid To Unseat Stacy Ritter

  1. Nick Steffens

    I want to start a political site where I give odds for betting on elections. I’d set the line at this one around Sutton +12 or so. What do you all think?!


    1. Red Broward Post author

      Great idea. But instead of money, winners receive a golf cart or a $700 dinner at an Italian joint in Parkland. Losers get buckets of mangoes from Ilene Lieberman’s trees


  2. Mark

    Nick: Just curious but don’t you have anything better to do than troll Republican sites? My question is do you happen to like any Republicans in the country? Maybe by hanging out here you are just trying to learn what good Government and politics are all about. Stick around maybe we will also teach you Economics as well as Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.



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