Judy Stern, Scott Israel

Scott Israel, Judy Stern’s handpicked candidate for Broward Sheriff, announced his 2012 candidacy on Facebook. Ms. Stern is an important cog in the Democrats 2012 Machine; She has been holding “training seminars” in Broward.

Hello Friends.
Thank you for accepting me as your friend.
Please help me spread the word that I am running for Sheriff of Broward County in 2012 and suggest others that I can be friends with on this page.Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to gaining your trust and support as we work hard and move forward to Victory in this campaign. I need and appreciate your support. Updates and event schedule to be posted soon!”

Democrats have spread negative stories about Lamberti for months, astroturfing the county in hopes of winning the Constitutional Office and helping President Obama’s re-election chances.