Emails Confirm BREC Treasurer’s Reports Received By SOE

RED BROWARD obtained copies of the BREC Treasurer’s Reports ( 9/11/2010-9/24/2010 & 9/25/2010-10/08/2010) after online reports claimed:

[T]his means that ‘Treasurer DeNapoli did not file for this reporting period as he said he did, yet reported every period thereafter.  Is there something here that he is trying to hide?

These copies were filed electroncially with the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office.

Now, some commentators make the wild accusation Richard DeNapoli may have produced false documents in an attempt to silence his critics. Along with the reports, RED BROWARD  received copies of emails between the BREC Treasurer and the Public Services Director at the Broward County Supervisor of Elections Office. The emails are dated and clearly show the attached reports.

RED BROWARD hesitated posting these emails, since we did not have the permission of both parties. However, due to the accusations, and the fact these emails may be part of the public record, RED BROWARD decided to share them with the public.

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